• Tailor made events +

    Choose your equipment and scenario for your event. The basic pack contains a weapon system complete with An-Peq, an infra red beam generator and head worn sensors. Specialised equipment and game expansions that will make your game experience more enjoyable, can be rented for additional fee. In our munition depot you will find weapons and equipment used by modern armies around the world. You will find everything from uniforms, overalls, gloves elbow and knee protectors to soft hats, helmets and ballistic vests. On the weapons front, you will find everything from sniper rifles, to claymore mines grenades and bombs. For easier communication with your team, why not rent a radio headset.

    Want to make the memories last.. Hey no problem. We'll gladly provide you with GoPro camera that can be either weapon or head mounted to capture all the action. The only thing you need is to bring a good pair of shoes/boots. Everything else we can provide. Refer to our Price List for additional information.

    After choosing your equipment and type of gaming scenario, our staff will provide you with instructions on using the weapons systems, explain the rules of engagement and how any additional equipment is used. All events organised by us have a technical team present to support your trouble free gaming experience. In the event that any equipment is damaged during game play, these are assessed individually and compensation is agreed upon.

  • Gaming Scenarios +

    Team death match - two teams fighting against each other

    Capture the flag - with the possibility to use up to three fags in a single game

    V.I.P. - several capture and rescue hostage scenarios

    Bomb - one team places a bomb with a detonator and the other team attempts to defuse it in time  

    The bunker - neutralizing an enemy encampment or stronghold

    Fox hunt - various sniper team scenarios

    Motorcade ambush - ambush a colony of vehicles

    Claymore mines and IR hand grenades can be used in any gaming scenario

  • Rules +

    The players are not allowed to cover the sensors in any shape or form.

    The sensors may not be removed from the head during game play.

    The sensors can only be obstructed by free hanging vegetation or natural barriers found in the game field.

    The only way that that the sensors may be covered and can be carried by the player is a ballistic shield.

    The weapon speaker may not be covered during game play.

    The players may only utilize the game field, as determined at the start of the game.

    A player that is who has been eliminated, must leave the play field immediately, or move to the respawn point.

    An eliminated player must carry his weapon above his head, or be clearly identified by an official.

    The game can be observed only from the edges of the play field.

    Civilians moving inside the play field are considered as a part thereof, however may not be used by players to hide behind.

    A player that is using a ballistic vest, must wear it for the entire duration of game play in order to benefit from the extra offered protection.

    When using a grenade, the player throwing it must yell ‘Grenade’, so as to avoid possible injury to other players. The player is also responsible for retrieving it after use.

    Each weapon system is paired with the sensor, swapping weapons between players is therefore impossible. Only entire sets may be swapped, after notifying the organizers of the game.

    The seals on the weapon systems must not be tampered with.

    The use of pyrotechnics is determined by the organizers of the game.

    Respawn points and electronic flags must not be relocated during the game, without discussing with the game organizers.

  • What do you play with +

    Replica weapons are configured to resemble the behaviour of the actual weapons during firing, size of the magazine etc.  

    The grenade can be used in two modes, either as a frag grenade, or a flashbang. It has an effective range of 6m and is deadly when used in closed spaces. It has indication set of L.E.Ds , buzzer and is equipped with dual safety mechanism, just like the real thing.   

    The bomb can be configured in three different modes, atomic, gas or bacteriological payload, detonation timer and finally method for defusing, such as code, engineer, cutting a wire etc. The bomb is used in combination with TK3.

    Buildings and vehicles
    Buildings and vehicles are all equipped with their own sensors. They can be destroyed through standard shooting or the simulation of an air attack or rockets.  A laser sight and optics are used and if the hit is evaluated as successful, the building or vehicle is eliminated together with the occupants.

    Choose a member in your team to fulfil the role of a medic, he will be able to heal and revive other players in the team.

    Thanks to his abilities, an engineer is able to reload empty magazines, disarm mines and he will know exactly which wire to cut or which numbered code will deactivate the bomb

  • Event types +

    A multitude of different events can be found in our events calendar.

    Tailor made events
    All we require is a 14 days notice and we can prepare an event to suit your needs and requirements for a minimum of 10 players.

    Laser Tag is equally well suited to corporate team building events as well as to you having a bunch of friends enjoying the outdoors. We can organize an event at any location throughout the Czech Republic, or provide a suitable terrain to suit your needs. IN addition, we can also provide you with a certified CQB tactical expert, organize survival weekends run by real experts from the field, complete with sleeping under the stars in combat conditions. You pick the scenario and eh difficulty level, we’ll take care of the rest. If required, catering can be organized as well as large luxurious mess and sleeping tents fit for a general. Do not hesitate to contact us for an independent quote for your combat experience.

  • Basic Description +

    LaserTag (military Laser Game) is a gaming simulation, that uses replicas of real guns and safe infrared beam together with calibrated sensor receptors, it can be played without the need for additional protective gear. Each of the players is equipped with an electronic weapon system and a set of sensors worn on the head used to register hits. The range of the system, under optimal conditions, can be up to 200m during the day and up to 350m at dusk, depending on the chosen weapon system. The infrared beam used is specially calibrated so as not to cause harm to either the players or the environment. It is not affected by wind nor ballistics, it is after all a beam of light. The electronics used on the  weapons system simulate real behaviour of the weapon, whilst keeping track of the player’s statistics and evaluates the progress of the game.

    The Laser Tag system allows for a wide variety of gaming scenarios and is easily expandable to allow the use of additional technology and specialized equipment, such as hand grenades, bombs, claymore mines, classic and electronic flags as well as additional system mounted on vehicles or buildings. These elements of Laser Tag allow for additional scenarios and tactics to be introduced, such as sniper teams, the use of camouflage and especially team cooperation. Laser Tag can be played anywhere, curtailed only by your imagination as to what fighting scenario or game type you choose. Plus, because the game is completely monitored electronically there are stats available after every round ready for you to view, analyze and discuss.

    The heart of the entire system, responsible for monitoring the entire progress of the game is a weapon mounted piece of electronic called an An-Peq. Whilst keeping statistics and displaying information regarding the player's health or the number of bullets in the magazine, An-Peq is also fully programmable to allow for various professions such as a medic, sniper or an engineer, as well as the addition protection such as a ballistic vest. A small speaker further enhances the experience, reproducing the sounds of realistic gunfire based on the chosen weapon, bullets hitting near by or their mark and finally a siren when dead.

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