• AK47 +

    AK-47 or just Kalashnikov, is one of the most widely used and recognized attacking rifle in the world.

    Designed in 1947 by a young Soviet engineer Michael Kalashnikov, it is a very sturdy and reliable rifle that can be used in almost any environment, with only pitfall being its weight.

    At 4.3 Kg it is not the lightest weapon to carry around.

    effectivity: 34   cadence: 600   magazine size: 30   reliability: ***   number of magazines: 8   weight: 4,3 Kg
  • HK416 +

    HK416 is an attacking style rifle made by the German Heckler & Koch company and is used by a number of armed forces around the world.

    It is a very compact and easy to carry weapon with an adjustable stock.

    effectivity: 30   cadence: 800   magazine size: 30   reliability: **   number of magazines: 8   weight: 3 Kg
  • M24 +

    The Remington 700 is a semiautomatic rifle widely used in the civil sector both for hunting, as well as in competitions in various modifications and guises.

    The M24 is just one of these. This model had been introduced by the American army as a standard sniper weapon at the end of the 80’s.

    It has the same lock as the Remington 700 and a five bullet magazine. The main difference being in the adjustable graphite composite stock, the rifle is equipped with.

    effectivity: 102   cadence: 000   magazine size: 5   reliability: ***   number of magazines: 6   weight: 5,4 Kg
  • P90 +

    Project 90 or as is it is more commonly known, the P-90 is the name given to a modern automatic weapon system designed for the vehicle crews  by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal at NATO’s request.

    FN P-90 belongs to the PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) category of weapons.

    It’s advantages are clear to see - small, compact and a magazine that holds 50 bullets.

    effectivity: 26   cadence: 900   magazine size: 50   reliability: *   number of magazines: 5   weight: 2,6 Kg
  • MP5 +

    The MP5 is another weapon made by the german Heckler & Koch.

    This lightweight, compact submachine gun is ideal in tight quarters and enclosed spaces.

    It is little wonder than, that it is the preferred weapon of choice for many special forces around the world.

    effectivity: 26   cadence: 800   magazine size: 30   reliability: **   number of magazines: 8   weight: 2,5 Kg
  • Claymore mine +

      A mine can be set and defused by an engineer.

    The effective range of the mine is 10m in front of the mine. The detonation can be caused either by directly pulling out the tripwire, or with a remote detonator.

    A number of mines can be linked together, thus protecting a larger sector.
  • Grenade +

      The grenade can be used in two modes - either as a frag grenade, or a flashbang.

    It has an effective range of 6m and is deadly when used in closed spaces.

    It has indication set of L.E.Ds, buzzer and is equipped with dual safety mechanism, just like the real thing.
  • TK3 - Tactical Combat Cube +

      Multifunctional equipment programmable with six possible scenarios

    1. Time Bomb - Time activated explosion of either atomic, gas or bacteriological bomb. Diffuse through number code, cutting wire or a key
    2. Respawn Site - this is where you are respawned after taking a fatal hit during the game
    3. First Aid Tent - ideally placed in your base camp, it is used to replenish lives
    4. Ammunition Box - used to replenish ammunition during game play
    5. Electronic Flag - protect your flag at all costs
    6. Passive Target - can be used on a vehicle a building or just for practising your sharp shooting
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