• ČR +

      Our system is completely mobile and we are able to organize an event based on your requirements anywhere in the Czech Republic.

    Thanks to the safe Infrared beam used by the system, it is even possible to play in enclosed or urban areas.

    Contact us for additional details and information where we are able to organize your gaming experience.
  • Motol +

      A 5000m2 field for a smaller number of players, up to ten a side. It comprises of forest, fruit alley, an old building and other manmade and natural structures used for camouflage.
  • Na Džbáně +

      For larger groups, the paintball field at Džbán is ideal. It contains two double storey buildings and large outdoor area that can be split into smaller fields with different aspects or be used in its entirety, recommended for more than 15 players per team.

    Different forest fields can be used to simulate any environment, like the jungle where Hamburger HIll scenario can be recreated, or experience WWII in the Arden’s forest. ‘Pripyat’ contains a little ravine and even a children’s playground.

    Strict safety rules are observed at all times and a well stocked bar with grill, amenities and showers are also available.
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